You may have noticed on your iPhone or iPad that an update to iOS 9 is available for download. We’ve received a few questions about whether or not to update. We recommend to all clients that you DO NOT apply this update yet.

Every year, Apple updates iOS to a new version, with significant changes in features and performance. The newest iteration, iOS 9, was released on September 16. Unfortunately, with each new release of iOS there tends to be a few bugs here and there that can affect how you may expect your iPhone or iPad to operate. In the following weeks after a new version of iOS is released, Apple releases subsequent small updates to fix these issues.

From a productivity standpoint, we recognize the importance of relying on your devices to work smoothly and efficiently. That is why we are advising that you hold off on updating to iOS 9 while Apple works out the issues currently being experienced by some users who have already applied the update. In a few weeks time, when we feel a stable version of iOS 9 has been released, we will issue a go-ahead to update your devices.

If you’ve recently purchased the new iPhone 6s or the larger variant, the 6s+, those phones come pre-installed with iOS 9. If an update happens to be available for your iPhone 6s/6s+, please contact us directly before updating to ensure a smooth process.

If you have already updated your device to iOS 9, please be aware that some issues including WiFi connectivity, VPN access, and changing Cellular Data settings, are not working properly, and will likely be fixed in a forthcoming update by Apple.

If you have any questions regarding the update process, please do not hesitate to contact us at for assistance.