Apple Updates: MacOS Sierra + iOS 10.0.1

MacOS Sierra + iOS 10.0.1 Hold Off On Updating to Sierra With each new release of an operating system (OS) we recommended that clients hold off on updating until we feel that Apple had released a more stable version. With the release macOS Sierra we will be taking a look at how this OS works with current applications. If your company is interested in finding out if macOS Sierra will work with your current applications

Apple software update released after discovery of targeted iPhone spyware

Apple Update Released Apple software update released after discovery of targeted iPhone spyware Today Thursday, August 25th Apple release a software security update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We highly recommend all users to upgrade their devices to protect them from this vulnerability. All users should download the security updates from the Apple App Store and install them as instructed. The latest software updates found in Settings > General > Software Update. The current iOS version is 9.3.5. If

Apple iOS and OS X Security Vulnerability

Just one text can steal your passwords On July 18th Apple released updates to take care of a security vulnerability that could potentially allow a hacker to write a malicious code to gather information from your accounts through a simple image or text file. We highly recommend all users upgrade their Macs, iPhones and iPads to protect from this vulnerability. Those of you on our CirrusPro partner platform need only to log out of your user account