MacWorks now Cirrus Partners

It seems only fitting that our first post be about the fact that we weren’t always Cirrus Partners: our company was started in 2005 as ‘MacWorks’ – a small business dedicated to providing Apple product support to both businesses and individual consumers in the Greater Madison area. We’ve grown a lot in the last 8 years, and so has the state of information technology. We will always offer (in our humble opinion) the finest Apple product support around, but advances in internet speeds and computer hardware have made ‘cloud computing’ an exciting new area for us to enter. We think it’s transforming IT, and we’re thrilled to have that reflected in our new name! With a new name, new services, and new website, we figured why not a new space as well?! We’re leaving our cozy office in the Near East for some larger digs just outside Madison in Fitchburg. Don’t worry, if anything we’re only closer to our clients so there won’t be any change in our quick response time! Feel free to stop by and see us in our new habitat – 5940 Seminole Centre Court, Suite 230, Fitchburg.