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BY Cirrus Partners / ON May 22, 2022

Ben Pearson, IT Consultant

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Pearson joined our Madison, WI team back in 2017. Before joining our team, Ben worked in Apple stores as a business expert, technical specialist, and Genius. He brings years of Apple ecosystem experience to the support specialist team.

Ben’s academic background in Communication and Rhetoric helps him convey technical concepts to non-technical people. He leads the day-to-day operations of customer support, ensuring that clients receive the correct resolution on time. He also enjoys training new employees, project management, and naps.

He spends a lot of time doing nerdy activities.

Ben is a man of many hobbies. You may find him at his local card game store playing Magic the Gathering or board games. Or you may find him playing the newest video games, reading about video games, watching people play video games, or thinking about video games. He spends a lot of time doing nerdy activities.

Ben also enjoys home cooking and gastronomy. If you ever want any advice about where to eat, or if you just want to see Ben obsess for 30+ minutes, strike up a conversation about restaurants.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Ben is pursuing his MBA in IT Management degree and regularly brings his expanding knowledge and skills to his role at Cirrus Partners.



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