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Providing Superior IT
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We are a mission-focused group of IT professionals who know how to help teams operate more efficiently with the right technology. We love what we do, and we’re in it for the long haul with clients we admire.


What We Do

We integrate into organizations’ value chains to provide best-in-class information technology systems, support, and leadership, empowering teams to do amazing work with optimal efficiency.

As a team, we aim to hold our words and actions accountable to the following values:

Protecting the safety and security of people, systems and data

Demonstrating empathy and dignity in our interactions

Promoting simplicity and transparency in systems and services

Seeking knowledge and improvement in our fields

Inspiring confidence and trust in ourselves and our clients

Exemplifying inclusivity and generosity in our communities

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We customize and integrate support systems, actively pushing our clients’ IT forward while also providing stability and ease of use. By driving these systems, we meet the business needs of our clients while helping to make their organizations more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Our managed IT services are developed with our clients in mind. We take the time to understand your business to create specialized tools to elevate your IT systems.

How nice it is when a new computer or smart device can be set up when it’s convenient for the user and not the availability of a technician.

Let’s take care of that problem in the background. We’ll let you know what you’ve missed.

Rest easy knowing your devices are secure while still allowing your users to feel like they have control of their computer.

Who are you and why are you here? Simple question to ask. Much harder to automate. Our tools make this seem simple. They allow users easy access to everything they should have and nothing they shouldn’t.

Easy on, Easy off. Managing staffing changes just got a lot easier. We’ll build a custom process for managing changes in your organization. Each step ensures that your users have access to resources they need and none that they don’t.

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This is where the rubber meets the road. Fixing a problem is the expected behavior of any IT provider. Educating and training our clients while addressing their needs elevates the Cirrus Partners’ user experience to a whole other level. We believe in empowering users with technology and knowledge, ensuring they become productive, engaged contributors to our client’s success.

People need solutions, great solutions. At Cirrus Partners we’re passionate about how we deliver those solutions. We strive to make our IT and enjoyable for our valued clients.

Support and education are delivered via multiple strategies.

The quickest way to solve a problem. Every user can place a request and view its status in their personal help desk page. Managers can view the status of all company support requests. We leverage screen sharing, chat sessions and direct phone calls to address user’s needs.

Sometimes it’s just best to be there.

A combination of one-on-one remote training, onsite group training, and systems.

Every client has unique needs. We work with our Clients customizing a knowledge base each member of their team can access to find solutions quickly.

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We offer a range of leadership-related services, from providing clients with relevant industry news to helping them create budgets for IT and enabling our clients to make educated, forward-thinking decisions which ensure their long-term success.

Monitoring and defining the current state of your IT systems as the foundation for planning your business’ road to success.

Reviewing the performance of internal process and planning how can we make them more efficient.

Determining if an IT investment will generate the planned benefits and cost reductions.

Providing a clear picture of projected IT investment needs for upcoming fiscal years.

Why Work With Cirrus

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Valued Clients

We partner with remarkable companies of all sizes, and from all industries.

Ten years ago, Cirrus Partners designed an IT solution for MMoCA’s image production
department. They installed equipment and software, established a workflow, trained relevant
staff, and created a backup and recovery system. Their custom solution has served the
museum well in meeting goals and has been flexible enough to allow for projects of increasing
complexity. In fact, Cirrus anticipated the museum’s technology needs and made
recommendations that have supported the whole organization, not just Mac users or one individual department.

MMoCA has benefited doubly from Cirrus Partners’ photography expertise. Cirrus advised the
museum on initial photo studio set-up and then trained relevant staff in a friendly and accessible
manner. While IT is the company’s primary focus, Cirrus has continued to be available to
troubleshoot photography issues and advise on equipment upgrades.

As Cirrus Partners has grown, their attention to detail and their responsiveness have been
unwavering. They have added remote monitoring and maintenance to prevent problems from
arising and added a file server that allows for easy sharing of data among staff, including remote

We are continually impressed with the attention we receive from Cirrus. Their customer service is a stand-out: always prompt, patient, thorough, and courteous. We are fortunate to have Cirrus
Partners supporting MMoCA as technology changes and organizational goals evolve.

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

In our supportive work with clients who struggle with mental health and addiction challenges, we place a high priority on keeping our confidential client information secure. Cirrus Partners has freed us up to focus on our clients and spend less time fiddling with technical issues we are not equipped to figure out.  Dennis and his team have proven to have the rare combination of intelligence, high technical skills, and strong people skills all at the same time.  They have been able to speak our language and make highly technical solutions easy for us non-techno types to understand.  We truly consider them a partner in our business and an important part of our team. 

Debbie Millman
Madison Trauma Therapy

Cirrus Partners was exactly the solution we had been looking for, and they have been a fantastic partner for all of our technology needs. As a small business owner, I was struggling on multiple fronts with our technology and had tried every solution. When I met Dennis and his team, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail. He asked all the right questions, and created a long-term solution that has brought me total peace of mind. I can't say enough how great Cirrus Partners has been to work with. They have my highest recommendation! 

Darcy Luoma
Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, LLC

I appreciate and rely on Cirrus Partners’ reliability and quality. They help us support our Mac client base and have the specialized skills and expertise that we need. We have partnered with Cirrus for years and will continue to for years to come. The Cirrus team are true business consultants.

Kevin Peterson
Peterson Technology Group

When Cirrus is your technology partner you know two things for certain - first, you are going to have the most capable people in the world of technology working with you to address your needs; and second, every dollar will be spent efficiently and effectively to your benefit. Cirrus is not a technology vendor, they are a partner who work with technology to help you achieve your goals.

Mark O’Connell
Wisconsin Counties Association

Cirrus sets up and maintains of all our office hardware, and their staff keeps us informed about industry IT standards and software updates.  Our office recently moved into a new space, and it was reassuring to know Cirrus would handle our network and provide whatever we might need. We appreciate having their staff check in on-site weekly, while knowing that additional help is just a phone call or email away.

Sara Alderson
Lung Cancer Research Foundation

Our Team

Dennis Nolan

Dennis Nolan

Senior Partner and Founder

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Dennis Nolan

Senior Partner and Founder

Dennis launched the original iteration of Cirrus Partners in 2004. He thrives at the intersection of technology and creativity. Prior to Cirrus, he owned a successful commercial photography business. His previous work experience has taken him around the globe, working in various countries and cultures. From Istanbul in a 300-year-old bathhouse with a small Turkish man walking up and down his back to sharing a campfire with the Marlboro Man, his life experiences have helped shape the creativity and effectiveness of Cirrus Partners’ solutions for their clients.

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Benjamin Morales

Benjamin Morales


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Benjamin Morales


As CEO, Benjamin leads the business and technical initiatives at Cirrus Partners. Prior to serving as CEO at Cirrus Partners, Benjamin was the Chief Technology Officer.

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Ben Pearson

Ben Pearson

Supervising Support Specialist

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Ben Pearson

Supervising Support Specialist

Hailing from the East Coast, Ben talks fast and gets things done. His background in Communications and prior work with Apple helps him to make complex systems easy to understand for our clients. Consequently, he's the perfect person to lead our Support Specialist team.

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Shawn Maddock

Shawn Maddock

Systems Developer

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Shawn Maddock

Systems Developer

Shawn’s background is in finding ways to use technology to make people’s daily work more enjoyable. He has been developing software for over 30 years, writing everything from simple computer games to corporate finance software. Shawn has helped design and run several multi-site, hundred-seat IT networks, and spent 10 years developing and managing the digital marketing for a large non-profit.

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