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BY Cirrus Partners / ON May 22, 2022

Dennis Nolan, Partner & Founder

In 2005, commercial photographer Dennis Nolan founded MacWorks. Word spread quickly: there was now an IT provider in South-Central Wisconsin who truly understood both Apple technology and the Arts. Before long, Dennis’ services were in demand by individual artists and organizations in various industries.

Dennis is well-known for his people-first attitude.

Dennis saw the need to adjust his business model to a flat-rate subscription model as the company grew. With the change, he rebranded to Cirrus Partners. This new method allowed Dennis to focus on building high-trust, long-lasting relationships with his customers.

In 2021, Dennis invited employee Benjamin Morales to purchase 50% of the business, allowing Dennis to step away from the company’s day-to-day management. Since then, he has enjoyed spending time with his lovely wife, traveling, and photography.

Dennis is well-known for his people-first attitude. His care and concern for his employees and customers have been one of Cirrus’ culture’s most significant driving factors.



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