12 Feb 2015

ALERT – iOS 8 Update Issues

You may have noticed on your iPhone or iPad that an update to iOS 8 is available for download. We’ve received a few questions about whether or not to update. As of right now, Cirrus Partners is recommending to all clients that you DO NOT apply this update yet. Every year, Apple updates iOS to a new version, with significant changes in features and performance. The newest iteration, iOS 8, was released on September 17.

11 Nov 2014

iOS 8.1 Update

Last month, we recommended to all clients that they not update iPhones or iPads to iOS 8 until we felt that Apple had released a more stable version of the operating system. We are now officially giving you the go-ahead! You may update your devices to iOS 8.1.1. If you've already updated your device to iOS 8, or if you've recently purchased the new iPhone 6 (or the larger variant, the 6+), we ask that

Cirrus Partners Logo17 Apr 2014

ALERT – Heartbleed Bug

You've probably heard about the Heartbleed Bug - the security flaw making international headlines as websites scramble for a fix and daily internet users are left with a barrage of questions. Here's what you need to know. WHAT IS IT? Heartbleed is, simply put, a mistake. It's not a virus and it was not created with malicious intent. Two years ago, a programmer left an unintentional hole buried in the code of the OpenSSL software

Cirrus Partners Logo 250x25013 Feb 2014

ALERT – Masque Attack and WireLurker

Two new attacks have been revealed in the past week that can affect Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads. Like a certain virus that's recently gripped the nation, they can infect without making themselves known until it's almost too late. Here's what you need to know to stay clean. WHAT ARE THEY? Masque Attack replaces legitimate apps on your iPhone/iPad, such as Facebook, Google Maps, or The Weather Channel. It works by attracting users to install

Cirrus Partners Logo 250x25016 Oct 2013

Welcome to the inaugural news post of Cirrus Partners!

MacWorks now Cirrus Partners It seems only fitting that our first post be about the fact that we weren't always Cirrus Partners: our company was started in 2005 as 'MacWorks' - a small business dedicated to providing Apple product support to both businesses and individual consumers in the Greater Madison area. We've grown a lot in the last 8 years, and so has the state of information technology. We will always offer (in our humble

Cirrus Partners Logo16 Oct 2013

‘Leverage’ Malware for Macs

Malware written specifically for Macs is still relatively scarce, but it’s growing. A new threat has surfaced, and even though it doesn't pose much of a threat to users in the U.S., it underscore the easy steps everyone can take to protect themselves. Disguised as a picture, 'Leverage' - named for two stars of the TV show kissing in the photo - installs a hidden Trojan when clicked that then relays information on your Mac