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Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Ten years ago, Cirrus Partners designed an IT solution for MMoCA’s image production
department. They installed equipment and software, established a workflow, trained relevant
staff, and created a backup and recovery system. Their custom solution has served the
museum well in meeting goals and has been flexible enough to allow for projects of increasing
complexity. In fact, Cirrus anticipated the museum’s technology needs and made
recommendations that have supported the whole organization, not just Mac users or one individual department.

MMoCA has benefited doubly from Cirrus Partners’ photography expertise. Cirrus advised the
museum on initial photo studio set-up and then trained relevant staff in a friendly and accessible
manner. While IT is the company’s primary focus, Cirrus has continued to be available to
troubleshoot photography issues and advise on equipment upgrades.

As Cirrus Partners has grown, their attention to detail and their responsiveness have been
unwavering. They have added remote monitoring and maintenance to prevent problems from
arising and added a file server that allows for easy sharing of data among staff, including remote

We are continually impressed with the attention we receive from Cirrus. Their customer service is a stand-out: always prompt, patient, thorough, and courteous. We are fortunate to have Cirrus
Partners supporting MMoCA as technology changes and organizational goals evolve.

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